Centurions Guild helps people share in the living story of Christian soldiers through thoughtful conversation and meaningful community. We offer constructive training to Christian clergy and lay leaders in order to equip entire congregations for more effective ministry with military personnel in their care. As a veteran-run organization founded by a former enlisted Soldier and an Air Force cadet, our unique near-peer resources appeal to the widest range of soldiers and veterans possible.

We got our start in 2008 as a peer support network for Christian soldiers and veterans, but began training clergy and other religious leaders in 2013. We offer training events, consulting services, and low cost publications that educate as well as inspire. In 2015, we planted ourselves in Durham, NC and we are here to stay! Our offices are located within St Joseph’s Episcopal Church on West Main Street. Give us a call anytime at 919-641-6770.

What We Do

We advance our mission by offering three types of intellectually rigorous and theologically nonpartisan services;

  1. Distributing published Resources, such as blog articles, podcasts, and videos
  2. Organizing instructional Events, both one-time and serial trainings, from individual workshops to weekly Bible studies
  3. Providing Consulting to individuals or groups on a sliding scale

Although clergy and lay leaders constitute our target audience, Christian soldiers past and present are actually the primary beneficiaries of our work. We target community leaders in order to keep ministry local by maintaining and strengthening existing relationships through the services laid out above, rather than centralizing our own intellectual or social capital. However, we never turn away a Christian soldier who reaches out to us and we are actively developing programs specifically for Christian soldiers themselves, including;

  • Care Packages to individuals who reach out to us.
  • ­­­­­­­­­­­Spiritual Direction, Mentoring, and theological guidance
  • Training on the value & methods of Story-Telling in community

Who We Are