Seeking to support and defend prospective, current, and former service members while bearing true faith and allegiance to God.


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We provide religious education as a framework for congregational enrichment for churches engaged in ministry with soldiers and veterans. Living between the binary options society often presents to us, of being either a patriot or a pacifist, we try to cultivate conversations about the intersection of Christian faith and military service, about what it means to be a Christian soldier.

Our work includes producing and distributing resources relevant to the story of Christian soldiers in order to support churches and individuals for whom war is deeply personal, inescapably specific, and impossible to ultimately define. Our expertise is often sought out because a congregant or family member has served in the military, and it is our hope that those relationships remain in place. For that reason, we focus on equipping ministers and lay leadership for ministry.

We want our fellow soldier saints to know there is a community of believers wrestling with what it means to love God and country (in that order).

For many years, our primary focus has been on peer support and theological guidance, but we found that centralized ministry in a nonprofit corporation, removing it from church life and activity. We feel that ministry is best done in relationship within a congregational setting, for this is where Scripture, Worship, and Theology are done most beautifully. Therefore, while Christian soldiers and veterans are stakeholders in our work, people directly affected by what we do, they do not comprise our primary audience, which is congregational leaders.


To get involved, please visit our Support page to learn more about how you can help share the story of Christian soldiers. Check out our Connect page to find out where we are on social media and engage with us right here on our Blog!

2016 Armistice Appeal

Posted by Logan on November, 10 2015 / 10 Comments

Christian soldiers are often torn between three dangerously simplifying stories that alienate them from Christian fellowship; The story of heroes…

I am a soldier of Christ, it is impermissible for me to fight. - Martin of Tours; Soldier, Bishop, Saint