Seeking to support and defend prospective, current, and former service members while bearing true faith and allegiance to God.


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“To support and defend past, present, and future service members while bearing true faith and allegiance to God.”

At Centurion’s Guild we take very seriously the honor and dignity of our service members while also trying to be true to the higher allegiance we are called to as Christians. In that sense, we try to remember that God is ultimately greater than our country, which is why our informal maxim is “GOD > u.s.” Our hope is that we remember Peter’s insistence that, when it comes down to it, “we must obey God rather than human beings” (Acts 5:29). It is in this spirit of contingent obedience that we try to encourage fellow contemporary centurions when they, like ourselves, begin to wonder what it means to love both God and country (in that order).

As such, we have felt called to consider amongst ourselves and the general public what exactly it means in our day and age to be a Christian soldier, which is where we came up with the image of a Centurion. Our primary focus has been on supporting others relationally through conversations that encourage and edify one another.  These conversations include equal parts theology, strategy, and compassion.  Sometimes those conversations lead people away from the military, other times it doesn’t; we aren’t here to convince people of our beliefs, but to help them develop their own.

1. Martin of Tours

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This is the final post of ten on our #TenSaintsTenDays series, counting down from All Saints to Veterans Day. We hope that the…

We are obliged to render to our country earthly service of this corporal body; but we have a true and eternal king in heaven, Jesus the Son of God, who is the commander of our souls, our hope and our refuge of salvation. - Sergius & Bacchus; Soldier Saints and Brothers in Arms