Since our formation in 2008, Centurions Guild has produced a number of resources to help think through the tension between God and country, the struggle of being a Christian soldier. The After the Yellow Ribbon Conference is one place in which that tension is exemplified. It produced resources you can listen to on SoundCloud as well as watch on Vimeo. If you are a reader, our executive officer, Logan (Mehl-Laituri) Isaac, has produced two books that challenge existing narratives for understanding the intersection between Christian faith and military service.

Reborn on the Fourth of July; The Challenge of Faith, Patriotism, & Conscience is Logan’s own story of his reluctant departure from the military as a Christian soldier. Rather than seeking discharge as a conscientious objector, he explains how his commitment to the infantrymen on his right and his left inspired him instead to request status as a noncombatant, to maintain his deployable status in order to serve his country without violating his convictions about Christian commitments. It received a Publishers Weekly Starred Review, which insisted the book “was well worth reading and rereading.”


For God and Country (in that order); Faith and Service for Ordinary Radicals is a narrative reader for military communities, a collection of stories focusing on the people produced by war and violence. From Biblical tales about Gideon or Samson, to diverse examples of soldier saints and patriot pacifists, Logan delves into Church history to reimagine our assumptions about what it means to be a Christian soldier. Joan of Arc, for example, is presented in terms that pacifists can appreciate, while reminding pacifists that Martin of Tours was not opposed to serving Caesar. Theologically provocative and historically astute, the brevity of individual profiles lend themselves to sporadic reading for those on the go while the footnotes point toward further resources to explore. All proceeds from this book go to Centurions Guild, so grab your copy today!


Furthermore, we were asked to contribute articles for their CONSP!RE Magazine, Issue #3 – Our Common Life. Then, eleven issues later, we were invited to guest edit an entire issue, producing Issue #14 – Non-Violence. We also have made our Change of Command Newsletters available on Scribd and embedded the documents here on our site as well. Check out each of the issues and see how far we’ve come;

Centurions Guild has also participated in a number of Videos that introduce you not only to individuals active in the Guild, but our animating principles as well. On the ten year anniversary of the Towers falling, Logan joined Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream fame) and Shane Claiborne for Jesus, Bombs, and Ice Cream. Both Kyle and Logan have also been interviewed by Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne for Red Letter Christianity, which you can view on their individual pages;