Grace and peace this Lenten season. We have a very brief update on our website that we hope you will take time to check out and share with others who might benefit from what we do.

We’ve been trying to update our site a bit based on questions we’ve been asked about the particularities our History and What We Do. We added a couple of pages to address those questions, as well as included some visual elements on our¬†Resources page. We also made sure we linked our Twitter and Facebook profiles to our Connect page so that you can find us on social media.

You will notice on our About page that we are playing with an updated mission statement. We think focusing on stories communicates our core principles effectively without relying on military jargon. Those with a keen eye (and perhaps some military experience) will notice our mission statement has been a revision of the Oath of Enlistment typically sworn by many incoming service members. We still feel very strongly about that mission, but a broader mission statement made more organizational sense as it is not bogged down in specifics that most visitors did not recognize without some assistance. Nothing is set in stone yet, and we invite any and all feedback you have to offer.

Narratives are more descriptive of what we have always been invested in, which is why we felt the change was in order. In fact, stories are what make up the vast majority of For God and Country (in that order), the book Logan wrote that goes to benefit our work. We encourage you to grab a copy today and support what we do and maybe read about (and maybe therefore benefit) an interesting person whose life intersects both Christian faith and military service!