Subversive Language

You may have noticed that in Centurion’s Guild, we like to subvert language.  It’s a common practice in the Church, beginning with words such as Gospel and Evangelize, which were originally meant to announce the good news Caesar brought.  If Jesus is our Lord and Savior, then it means He is our President and Prime Minister, and we must take those positions at least as seriously as we take Barak and Gordon (we don’t much enjoy using last names anymore, we got so tired of it in the Armed Forces).  We have found it all too easy in a nation that claims “In God we Trust” shepherded by a military Chaplaincy doing it all “For God and Country.”  To each we reply, Amen and Amen!  When we trust in God, it may mean we fall away from the world, into the loving arms of a Commander that doesn’t expect us to prove ourselves in “the gauntlet” or a gas chamber.  When we do something for God, there is a chance there won’t be time left for our friend Caesar…

To be a Centurion is to have experienced a profound change of command, in which our pledge of allegiance to a nation is subordinated and recognized as dependent upon our faith in God.  Centurions confess a bias toward peace based upon the historic peace witnesses, and that war, being a result of sin, threatens our relationship with God and one another.  Centurion’s Guild exists to protect and defend prospective, current, and former service members while bearing true faith and allegiance to God.  As you may have surmised, we have subverted our old oath of enlistment to empire to a renewed covenant before God and one another.  We hope to become that mighty army Sister Dorothy spoke so fondly of, a force unarmed and unarming.  God willing, may it be so!

*This blog entry comes from our community newsletter, Change of Command. To see it in its original form, check out Issue #1!