Memorial Day (& the Day After)

Every year on Memorial Day, Americans fire up the grill to kick off the summer season with friends, family, and BBQ. Sometimes that doesn’t work for veterans; imagine how it might feel to wheel up a Weber to a friends funeral and you might get the idea. Memorials are somber occasions, but that sometimes gets lost in the seasonal celebration.

Don’t get us wrong, memorials are also about gathering together. But don’t do us wrong either; let’s remember the reason for the season. Just as importantly, let’s remember what to do after the yellow ribbons fade and fall away. Let’s ask ourselves how the Church can be present for veterans on and after Memorial Day.

Helping with the After the Yellow Ribbon conference taught us how the Church might linger with those who have survived traumas, like war. We want to keep those conversations alive, so tomorrow Centurions Guild is launching a social media campaign to spread the word about the conference, counting down to the day after Memorial Day.

Remember #May26th After the Yellow Ribbons fade & Memorial Day passes

The goal is to encourage churches to keep thinking about military service and Christian faith beyond Memorial Day. Every day at 10am EST (except Sundays), we will be sharing one of the video interviews and recordings from the conference on Twitter, Facebook, and our own blog. The campaign will be called #May26th. 


Share this campaign with your networks! If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, spread the word using #May26th and #AfterTheYellowRibbon. It would be even better if you share links directly from the blogs we will be posting over the next month. Spread word-of-mouth, generate buzz, and help us get folks thinking about moral injury, PTSD, and how to care for soldiers and veterans in the Church.

We want to give churches ample tools for thinking about how to help heal the hidden wounds of war our service members carry back from the battlefields. With your help, we can call constructive attention to the somber reality of Memorial Day… and the day after.