Ponder Christian Soldiers


Our blog series with Christianity Today is live! Check back here often to get updates as new entries are published for your one-stop spot to access the various posts as they go live.

The first is an introduction to the series by Executive Officer Logan Isaac;

  1. Ponder Christian Soldiers” by Logan Isaac
  2. How a PTSD Diagnosis Can Help and Harm” by Dr. Warren Kinghorn
  3. This Veterans Day, Meet the Soldiers of the Church” by Logan Isaac
  4. What Jesus Said to Me After the Suicide Bombing” by Ch.¬†Terry Cobban
  5. War is Hell But It Can Be Heaven” by LTC Pete Kilner
  6. Neither Heroes Nor Head Cases” by Ch. Zachary Moon
  7. Why I’m Not a Conscientious Objector” by Matt Moorman
  8. How Patriotic Church Services Misunderstand the Military” by Todd Lovell
  9. Continue to Ponder Christian Soldiers” by Logan Isaac