Meet a Centurion – James Tarter

U.S. Army National Guard Specialist James Tarter

If I could be honest, I love violence.  Way deep down I do love the thought of violence.  It makes me feel justified.  It make me feel patriotic and it makes me feel at peace with the pain in the world.  My name is James Tarter.  I am a Specialist in the United States Army National Guard.  I am a 35F which is a military intelligence analyst.  The best way to explain my job is that anytime you hear of a solider being sent anywhere, the orders came after being requested by an analyst.  The motto of an MI analyst is “Let the blood of the infantry run through our veins, so that the blood of the infantry will not lay on our hands.”  There’s a problem though.  There’s a lot of blood that has been shed trying to bring justification.  But the blood needed for justification has already been shed.  It’s already been taken care of!  Yet, we still live in a world that thinks that violence will bring peace and that the death of “enemies” will glorify God.  It does not.  Scripture says it doesn’t.  This is what I have had to come to terms with, quickly realizing that I, as a follower of Jesus, can no longer lead a life seeking out the death of my enemy.  I have applied to be a Non-Combatant CO.  I have requested to be able to deploy without a weapon, in hopes to love soldiers and to love my enemy because both are worthy in the eyes of Jesus.  I love my enemy, and I hate violence…….or at least I’m trying to.  Not because I necessarily want to, but because I believe Jesus knows how to fix the World better than the World does.  Your prayers in this endeavor would be well appreciated.

–Grace & Peace-

*This blog entry comes from our community newsletter, Change of Command. To see it in its original form, check out Issue #1!