Introducing St Augustine’s Confections

You may not have known this about our Executive Officer, but he loves picking berries, making and canning preserves, and sharing them with friends. At his wedding, they served cupcakes topped with hand-picked blackberries from the bride’s family garden. Later that year, bramble berries were fruiting right as they got to St Andrews in Scotland, and he collected enough for almost ten jars to make preserves for our new friends. Upon their return, the mulberry tree around the corner from them began shedding its fruit, so they preserved several jars worth.

Well, now he’s making it official and having a go at sharing his love for all things sweet and all things theological. Can you spot all the ‘easter eggs’ in the logo he created?

St Augustine’s Confections is the name he’s given his hobby of creating sweet stuff to share. Recently, he branched out from berries and made some Rosemary Syrup with sprigs from a neighbor’s garden. That batch flew off the shelves just a few hours after telling friends about it, so Logan spring into action to create a new syrup flavor;

If this were a Belgian process (hint, hint to a Big Idea we’ll be announcing later), you might call this a dubbel style syrup, as he doubled the time that the ingredients were steeped.

We are providing shipping and materials, and Logan is donating his time and labor. As this experiment grows, in fact, it will serve as a fundraiser for the Guild, and hopefully morph into a subset of new and ambitious products and services we hope to provide. If you like what you taste, we hope you’ll consider leaving a donation to help make this little experiment viable long term. 

As St Augustine’s Confections grows, we’ll keep sprinkling in a few hints about our Big Idea along the way, so be on the lookout. Your feedback will help St Augustine’s Confections grow and improve, but more importantly, it will make us happy to know we’ve helped sweeten your day. The variety of Confections will only expand; these are only the” firstlings” of a larger dream we hope to share with you soon.

To request a 250mL bottle of Hella Piña syrup, use our Contact Page and enter “Hella Yeah!” in the subject field!