Combat Theology

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Combat Theology is a series of workshops we offer that are intended to go deeper than most theologies about war which, although helpful, often rely on abstract notions that do not derive from the lived battlefield experience. Actual combat is deeply personal, inescapably specific, and impossible to ultimately define.

Hear about Combat Theology from our interview with Homebrewed Christianity

Workshops vary in topic; from an introductory course on doing martial ministry, to subject courses focusing on moral philosophy or historical theology, for example. In all Combat Theology workshops, we provide attendees with concrete resources for meaningfully engaging military personnel in congregations. Besides stuff to read and new ideas to ponder, attendees will walk away equipped to think, pray, and worship more meaningfully alongside soldiers and veterans in their congregations.

Churches can choose the basic introductory workshop, focus on a single subject course, or commit to a series of them over time. Any fees charged go directly to the Guild and offset the costs associated, including refreshments, printed material, etc. We always strive to make alternative pricing or scholarship opportunities available to anyone for whom the stated fee is prohibitive.  

If you would like to host a Combat Theology workshop, contact us anytime at or email logan [at] We hope you will consider getting in touch!