Capitalism: A Love Story

Michael Moore’s magnum opus comes at the most appropriate of times. Moore’s critique of the practices of America’s current economic system comes at a time when our generation is beginning to question the love affair between faith and empire, between evangelicalism and America. The documentary opens with a comparison of America’s current situation to that of Rome’s prior to its demise, the parallels are haunting and aim to forewarn us that if the need for change is left unnoticed, America too could suffer the same fate.

The high point of the movie comes when Moore addresses the common religious rhetoric in place that allows Christians to be comfortable with the current economic practices of entities such as the Department of Treasury and Goldman Sachs. Both of whom were key players in the economic “bailout” failure we have become so familiar with. But Moore’s critique is not biased in partisanship, Moore exposes both Republicans and Democrats who were involved in what he calls “socialism for the rich.”

Of course Moore offers ample amounts of humor and this time I believe he tops himself. Voicing over scenes from the classic Jesus of Nazareth (1977) Jesus is made to say to the paraplegic “I cannot heal your preexisting condition” and other like statements. Moore’s definitely comes forward with his Catholic Christian convictions and does so in a kind and gentle manner. There is nothing too abrasive but Moore is quite forward in his conviction that Jesus would not approve of our current economic practices which cause a foreclosure every seven and a half seconds. Capitalism: A Love Story is a movie I would recommend every socially concerned Christian see. It is a long awaited critique.

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