About Our Seal

Completed in 2012 with the help of design firm Cross and Crown, our seal is intentionally designed to emulate our own country’s Great Seal. The Centurion Seal is composed of five main symbols. The symbols of our seal tell an alternative story to the seal it resembles. It is the belief of Centurions that our highest duty is to obey God first. Our efforts are for God and Country, in that order.

The Bald Eagle

The first symbol is that of the bald eagle. America’s Great Seal was first designed with the bald eagle shortly after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War. We respectfully borrow this proud symbol.


Our shield represents the foundation of our group.  On it, we proudly display the first two Greek letters in Christos; the Chi (X) and Rho (P) are one of the earliest symbols used for Christ.  Our faith, represented by our Commander’s initials, serve as a foundation for our work. Traditionally a shield in a coat of arms are used to identify one’s allegiance. So we, without reservation or purpose of evasion, stake our allegiance in the Son of God.

Olive Branches

In both talons reside olive branches which are an ancient sign of peace. For each Centurion, and our organization, peaceful means is the only way to a lasting peace.

The Sword and Shovel

Above the Eagle is the sword and shovel. We dual meanings with these components. First, we see it as the state of our world – one which is characterized by violence but also there are those working to build peaceful communities by providing for themselves and others. Secondly, we seek to illuminate the biblical proclamation to turn weapons of destruction into tools of agriculture. That is, means of destruction be turned into means that provide life.

Our Motto

Pro Deo Et Patria (“For God and Country”) is the motto of the United States Military Chaplaincy. We slightly amended this motto by adding In Suo Ordine (in that order). We strive, with all our actions as a group, to place God first and subordinate all other interests.

We do not shy from our love of country, but try to love God first and everything else thereafter.