About Our Motto

About our Motto:
The motto of Centurion’s Guild is drawn from the same as that of the United State Chaplaincy Corps. In fact, we have sometimes been referred to as an “alternative chaplaincy” for our work with fellow service members, veterans, and their loved ones. Perhaps there is some truth to the claim that imitation is the highest form of flattery (we also have a tendency to imitate the early Church’s habit of reinventing national symbols and phrases).
Frustratingly, however, U.S. Chaplains sometime take ambiguous theological stances on the separation of Church and state, confusing the power of the sword with the authority of the Cross. We don’t necessarily believe that the two are mutually exclusive, but it has become clear to us that sometimes when you have given your very life God your life, there is rarely much left for Caesar. Our little parenthetical reminder hopefully serves to remind our indivisible nation that to be under God is to subordinate our pledges and allegiances to our baptism, that sometimes to pick up our Cross is to lay down our swords.