About Our Mission Statement

“To support and defend prospective, current, and former service members while bearing true faith and allegiance to God”

Support and Defend:
While we still find value in the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution, we find it equally valuable to extend that duty to fellow service members of all rank and background. From civilians considering enlisting or seeking commissions, to veterans and retirees, we offer legal, religious, and educational resources to support their personal and spiritual growth.

True Faith and Allegiance:
While we continue to submit to the authorities appointed above us, we confess ultimate allegiance to and faith in God. Though patriotism and piety may at times compliment one another, we must discern when and how each allegiance (to God or to country) may without notice become mutually exclusive of the other. We recognize that we must not serve two masters; that in loving one we may come to hate the other. Centurions serve God while finding ways to conscientiously submit to their compatriots.