Centurions Guild’s mission is sharing the story of Christian soldiers and veterans yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We work alongside military personnel and families to discern what it means to be a Christian soldier. Violence and national service has been a profoundly volatile issue in churches for centuries, and in our own county it gained much prominence on September 11, 2001. With that in mind, Centurions Guild provides a space in which military communities can think constructively about what God calls them to within the context of community with past and present Christian soldiers. We do that by communicating our experiences, via phone and email, and sharing resources that enrich Christians and their communities.

Since our formation in 2008, Centurions Guild has answered phone calls, emails, Tweets, messages, etc. from men and women who feel caught in the tension between God and country: from future service members (like teenagers interested in enlisting or J/ROTC cadets), to current soldiers on active or reserve status, to veterans discharged (honorably or not) and retirees. We also communicate with dependents, family members, friends, and pastors who care for soldiers and veterans. Christian theology has many ethical frameworks for understanding war, including pacifism, just war traditions, “just peace,” and more. While corresponding with people who reach out to us, Centurions Guild does not advocate for any one position. Some of us are pacifists who sought discharge (or not), while others remain on active duty, committed to embodying the virtue required of being just warriors. When we correspond with soldiers, veterans, or loved ones, we try to describe our experiences without prescribing them.

Communicating our experiences & sharing resources that enrich Christian theology allows us to think in community about what God asks of soldiers.

In addition to communicating constructively about war and peace, we also share resources we find enriching for the broader conversation about God and country. Resources range from printed works like books to videos or DVDs, music, or visual arts (like icons). We can recommend several books, including a couple of Logan’s (like For God and Country [in that order], which supports our work), Shane’s and many others. There are also a few videos we have participated in that can give some more insight into who we are and what we do. Finally, we produce and distribute a community newsletter, Change of Command, totally free of charge.

For a time, we collected many of these resources in care packages that we sent to service members who reached out to us. In them, we included copies of Derek Webb’s Mockingbird album and Soldiers of Conscience DVD, at no cost to recipients. Care Packages have been sent to APO/FPO boxes as well as stateside, and to family and friends of soldiers as well. They are small tokens of our appreciation of how difficult and delicate this dance can be, of being Christian soldiers.